Linux Server Development & Support

We do Linux Server Development.

 Mail Server

 Proxy Server

 SVN Server

 Linux Server Migration

 Linux Web Hosting


 MySQL Daemon

 PostgreSQL Demon

 FTP Demon

 SSH Demon



>> Mail Server
1- User Security
2- Mail Backup
3- User by Mail Backup
4- Mail Aliases
5- Mail Forwarding
6- Auto Responder
7- Spam Filtering
8- Blacklist Domain & White list Domain

>> Linux Server Migration
Linux is adopted wide range of IT & non IT companies.
Because of their user friendly & security enhanced feature.
We do provide wide range of Window to Linux Migration with more feature and facilities.
Migration Component
1- Windows NT to Linux Server
2- MS Desktop to Linux Desktop
3- Solaris to Linux Migration
4- Windows AD to Samba

» Proxy Server
1- IP base proxy
2- User authentication proxy
3- Report generate by user by surfing
4- IP base masquerading

» File Server/Samba Server

» Firewall
Managed by iptables rules
Port forwarding
Redirecting blocking

» VNC/SSH/ftp/telnet
Remote Control Protocols

» Web Server

» Gateway Solutions

» Security Audits / Security Solutions

>> Linux-Project Support- We do provide wide range of Support for the student doing College/Company
Projects/Assingments. We have a team of highly qualified support staff who are available 24*7, to take
care of our support services to the clients worldwide.

We provide Full Linux Support & AMC in cheap cost.


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